Aloha, I am Joe (aka Frooney)!

I am a Maui based artist who focuses on Mid-Century modern style about Hawaii, surfing and pop culture! My story begins in Wisconsin where I was born and raised. I worked all kinds of different jobs where I sold cars, worked retail, did security, etc. Until I finally decided art needed to be a bigger part of my life and pursued a career in graphic design! This was the right choice and everything was going great! I was loving the graphic design work and then I went on a date with this woman.  She informed me, on our first date, that she was going to move to Maui in a couple years. Well little did I know that day I would marry that woman and we would actually move to Maui! 

After moving to Maui I was inspired to draw a lot more and created all sorts of art! My goal was to create something that my very discerning wife would allow to grace our walls, so I knew it had to be amazing! It took me nearly 5 years to get my wife to hang some of my artwork! With my goal accomplished of getting my wifeʻs buy-in, I needed a new goal and thought about selling my art to the public! The problem is that I am extremely shy, so I needed an alias. An epiphany came to me while watching sunset with my wife and our 2 dogs! I should combine our 2 dogs names for my "art name", Fred + Rooney = Frooney! Below what epiphanies look like! 

Fred and Rooney (Frooney) Maui

Frooney was created to bring more joy to peopleʻs homes! Whimsy is an overused word, but I feel it describes my work which combines the real and idealized world into a fun representation! My goal with Frooney is to give people a unique art option at an affordable price. I want you to love your wall art as much as I love making it! 

Go buy some art or drop me a line for an art idea or ask about Maui!