Cyclops Batman Surfing Men's Surf Art T-Shirt


Have you ever wondered what Batman would do if he were a cyclops? Well you guessed right in that he would move to Hawaii, grow a sweet beard and never take off his cowl. I know we thought it was going to be really weird, but turns out he would be pretty normal. Commemorate this Elseworlds tale of Batman.

This artwork is designed specifically for clothing by Maui artist Joe Baranowski to give wearers a true piece of art they can wear. Joe goes by Frooney as a tribute to his two dogs, Fred & Rooney. Much of his fine art revolves around beach and surf culture. Joe spends his days making art, teaching and watching sunsets. Most of his other waking hours are spent enjoying the ocean and spending time with his family.

This shirt is everything you could dream of! It is soft on your skin and is 100% combed and ring-spun cotton.

Please double check your size. The shirt is made just for you!