Posted on by Joe Baranowski

When we started Frooney in mid 2017, we started with the idea that we could make t-shirts for everyone. Let me tell you that when you think your customer is everyone, it is actually no one. This is a lesson that over the past year we seem to keep coming back to. 

The Teddy, while it looks awesome is not for our target marketWe made a shirt with a reference to Teddy Roosevelt.

We were using the spray and pray method by making shirts for children, men, and women. We introduced a ton of new products, just because we could. We did not ask you, our customers what you wanted. This changed a couple of months ago, when we finally decided to listen to you! We surveyed our current customers and prospective customers about what kind of t-shirts they would want in order to establish our target market. 

3 things we learned

Good quality shirt for a fair price. This should come as no surprise that people want value! Since we had tried out so many different types of shirts, we were able to settle on a high quality shirt that still allowed us to keep our price down and our quality amazingly high! We had to abandon our children's line for now, because we could not find the same value and will not expand to other products unless they can meet the same amount of value for you our customers!

People love Hawai'i! This should have been obvious since we live and work here for a reason, it is amazing! We finally realized that we should fill that not niche of making amazing shirts for people who share our love of Hawai'i, but do not want the boring tourist t-shirts! Our most popular shirts were Hawai'i themed so this is now the direction you can expect from us. We want to share our love for Hawai'i with our unique style!

Have fun! We love what we do and we want it to show! People do not start a t-shirt design business because they like the normal 9-5 job. We were able to channel this into the new website, by giving off more of the kitschy design and want this to show more with our updates about Frooney. This will be shown more with our upcoming designs that we are so excited to share with you!  

For those of you who have been with us from the beginning, thank you! For those of you who just showed up, thank you! We are excited to bring you amazing Hawai'i themed designs, that you can wear proudly and that will bring you ALL the aloha!