Extreme Shaka - Week 20 Design

Get a lot of questions about how we come up with some of our designs, so thought I would take some time and walk through our design process. 


We really liked a shirt that we have sold out of and decided to repurpose the design! Because if a design is good enough it should be tweaked and made better. We believe that even "bad" designs will eventually be good designs as long as you do not give up on them! 

Aloha since alwaysLook at that untamed Shaka!

We took the Shaka, but wanted it to feel like a new design! So we began experimenting with it. Knowing that the last design took advantage of a lot of colors, we started to think about how to simplify this design and what it would look like it if it was only a one color design?

So far so good!

On it's own the black shaka hand was looking great, but we thought it could us a little more help. Plus we wanted to learn more into the surf culture as much as we could. That is when we started to think about adding a surfboard to see how it would look with the design.

It is getting there!

Now we were onto something amazing, but we started to think about adding a second color to the design! A nice bright red would be a great contrast on a white t-shirt so we tested that out!

Close put not quite there...

We were stuck with making that red and black design work, but were not loving anything that we came up with. Until it struck is that the tongue should be red!

Also tweaked the angle of the design

From this point on it was making the red background work with that tongue. We are pretty modest, but pretty sure that we nailed it! We loved the design so much that we made a tshirt and a print with this one!



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