The Best Maui Travel Posters

The BEST Maui Travel Posters

I am blessed to be able to call Maui home and I love when people promote it with their awesome art! Travel posters make an amazing gift for a frequent visitor, resident, or a dream vacationer. Plus every poster on this list is below $50 with shipping! Enjoy the posters below!

Road to Hana! (Retro Hawai‘i Travel Poster)

The Road to Hana!

This print by Frooney gives the awesome vibes of what the road to Hana is like! It has 59 bridges, 620 curves and is one of the most amazing drives you can take in your life and not one that you will forget!


Maui - The Valley Island in Hawaii - Hawaiian Poi Pounder - c. 1946

This print looks like it was created from woodblock printing and that vintage style perfectly encapsulates the feel of classic Maui!

Black Rock Maui, Hawaii Art Print

West Maui, Black Rock - 12x18 Retro Hawaii Travel Print

Nick Kuchar is an amazing artist based on Oahu. Nick does unique takes on landmarks for every Hawaiʻian island and his color palettes and unique take on places is rad! Take for example this Black Rock print that gives the right amount of fun, while giving its viewers the memory of their time there! This is not the last time we will see Nickʻs work on this list!

Maui Hawaii Map Print image 0

Maui Hawaii Map Print

Coco Lemon Designs does an amazing job of capturing the diversity of Maui with their poster of the island! It provides the right amount of whimsy and information!

Maui Hawaii  Vintage-Style Travel Poster  Canvas image 0

Maui Hawaii | Vintage-Style Travel Poster

This print by BCGoodsInternational explores the amazing reefs that are found around Maui! Only thing I am wondering is if they could work the humuhumunukunukuapua'a into the print? That would put it over the top in awesomeness!

Peahi "Jaws" (Giclée Fine Art Print)

Peahi "Jaws" 

This piece by Frooney brings all the whimsy you could ask for! It playfully features a young boy with a shark fin to reference the famous big wave surf spot on Maui, while showing the power and majesty found when it is going off! 

Modern Maui Map in Retro Style  Maui Hawaii Decor  Maui image 0

Modern Maui Map

This map of Maui Poster by Draughtmans Press is a beautiful topographic map that delights all with its simple color scheme!

Retro Hawaiian Surf Print of Big Beach State Park

Big Beach, Makena Maui

There is so much to love about this poster! The simplicity, symmetry and color combine to give you the perfect retro feel for your walls!

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