4 life changing hikes on Maui!

4 life changing hikes on Maui!

When most people think of Maui it is all about the beaches! But for those of you who want to get out and see all that Maui has to offer, there is no better way than to lace up your hiking boots (yes, really hiking boots or shoes, these hikes are not to be done in slippers) and sally forth to see breathtaking sites on Maui! 

Bamboo Forest Trail, Road to Hana 

Please note this hike is on private land and has been closed for awhile, but it is awesome and hope it will be open one day again and that is why it is not numbered. 

Synopsis: This is a nice short hike that crosses a river and leads to 2 or 3 waterfalls and pools! The more able hikers (climbers really) will  be rewarded with more significant sites!

Hiking the Pipiwai Trail to Waimoku Falls at Haleakala National Park |  Hawaii Magazine Image from Hawaii Magazine

4. Pipiwai Trail, Haleakalā National Park

Synopsis: This trail is all uphill, but remember it is only way! This hike passes past huge Banyan trees, a bamboo forest, over the 7 sacred pools and ends at the gorgeous 400ʻ tall Waimoku Falls! 

Why you should do it: The waterfall alone is worth the hike! Buy beyond that the uphill stroll is well worth it for all the other scenery! Also not saying you should cross the river and get closer to the waterfall, but if you did it might be awesome is what I have heard! 

3. Lahaina Pali Trail

Synopsis: Sunrise or sunset on this trail or well worth the hike! Plus if you want to climb another 2000 feet you can hike in the clouds and see the pools!

Why you should do it: This is a 2 mile climb that gains about 1600 feet so do not take this hike lightly! It is well worth the reward of watching sunset or sunrise from here! Bring a headlamp and you will be all good hiking or if you plan well enough you can hike by moonlight! BONUS: You can keep hiking up past the windmills and get into the West Maui mountains until you come across some ponds! Be prepared if you continue since it will most likely cloudy and rainy!

Hoapili Trail, Maui | besthike.com

2. Hoapili Trail

Synopsis: Hiking through old lava fields is surprisingly beautiful!

Why you should do it:  This is the Kingʻs Highway that has a well maintained lava rock road. But if you want glorious coastal views like the picture shows you will have to veer off the beaten path and hike along the coast to see the blue water contrast with the black and red lava rock! If you hike long enough you will happen upon one of the most secluded beaches on the island! 

1. Sliding Sands (Haleakalā Crater)

Synopsis: A strenuous 11 mile hike through an active volcano that rewards you with spectacular views and is the quietest place on earth! 

Why you should do it:  Spend your day on Haleakalā! Get up early and get there in time for the most spectacular sunrise (which you have to sign up for)! Once that is done it is time to get your hike on! It will be cold up here and you should dress in layers and have good hiking shoes! You descend 3000ft in a couple miles until you get to the crater floor where you hike across and feel like you are another planet. You get to experience silverswords and what I think the moon must feel like! Eventually you end up at some switchbacks that take you out of the crater and to a parking lot where you have to hitch hike back to get your car! Do not worry there is a designated spot for you to stand! 


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4 Life Changing Maui Hikes
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